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Castle Visit for a weekend

I was sitting here, thinking what it would be like to be King of a Castle for a day, well Queen actually, but somehow King just seems to sound better. Having visited a Castle in the Lorraine region of France, it was called Hâttonchatel Château. Magnificent Castle

Castle stay

I so wished that the visit could have been a stay, oh why didn’t I stay. I roamed around the gardens in complete bewilderment. I stood back under a large oak tree which serviced my needs as shade to admire this magnificent castle in all its entirety and original glory. mystic valley

I could see Lorraine region of France, the turrets stretching towards the bright blue sky and I imagined a damsel inside awaiting a young handsome knight to come and set her free. I approached such a grand entrance, this door for sure must have been made for giants! As I stepped inside, and in my minds eye, were pictures, and oh if only these old walls could talk, what tales would they tell about this fairyland castle of which I had a become a small part of, albeit on borrowed time. I was stepping back in time, allowing myself to dream. My thoughts were broken by the faint sound of crackling, the fire was lit in the grand hall, it was so inviting. I sat by it´s side and made images in it´s flames, again wondering what adventures this great place had seen and heard.

Beautiful Castle accommodation

I found myself touching the stones as I was lead up the castle turret, its winding staircase, so authentic, I was inside a dream. I walked into one of the now suites, Bridal Suite

how exquisite it all was, originality kept and restored with that touch of being brought into this Millennium, the spaciousness, a kind of which I hadn’t seen, the décor sumptuous and space leads me to more space, through a connecting door, still in the upper part of the castle in, this astonishing bedroom has its own en suite bathroom and sitting room. I sat in a chair and looked out over of the breathtaking valley below, I´m speechless, again my imagination wanders.

I have to return, I have to stay, I have to live out my dream and be King of a Castle for a day.

fairytale castle

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