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During this summer, Danish TV2 filmed “The celebrities at the Castle 2010” at Hattonchâtel Château in France. There were five Danish television-stars who stayed at this magnificent castle in the north of France: handball coach Anja Andersen, Actor Kim Bodnia, TV presenter Cristiane Schaumburg-Müller, music producer Remee from Hollywood and TV presenter Hans Pilgaard. Next time it could be English stars or American celebrities turn to perform at the private Castle – we will have to wait and see.

A unique Château with an amazing ambiance

The television program  started with showing the stars arriving at the  château – filming their start of their fairytale week as they walked through the enormous wooden castle gate. The doors closed behind them; they left their lives behind and entered the calm and unique world of the historic castle.
As they were escorted to their rooms, they walked up the grand stone spiral staircase that brought them to the second floor where they stayed in their magnificent suites with modern en-suite bathrooms.  Each Celebrity had their own specially decorated suite with beautiful flower arrangements.

The beautiful settings in France

After settling in and a good night sleep it was time for breakfast. It was not just any breakfast; they woke up to the smell of freshly baked bread from the local bakery.
When they went to the “lady’s room” for breakfast, there was a table with a basket of different kinds of breads, cheeses, and cold meats.
It was the start of their official day as “The Celebrities at the Castle”. As they started their activities, the TV2 crew filmed. The crew filmed from breakfast until bedtime during the week they spent in Hattonchâtel Château.
The Celebrities took walks around the massive garden inside the stone walls that were rebuilt by Belle Skinner just after WW I in 1919.  These celebrities could not get enough of the fairytale like castle that manages to isolate the outside world to give them a luxurious week of appetizing food and relaxation; even though, they were working, this place still managed to relax them.
At the end of the week, the celebrities were not ready to leave their spectacularly decorated suites, the savoury food, and most of all they could not bear to leave behind the breathtaking castle with the stunning views and its beautiful garden.

The series “The Celebrities at the Castle” will be shown on Danish’s TV2 in October 2010 over a period of five weeks. If you cannot watch the show, then come and make your own memories at this elegant castle in the north of France.

A romantic Castle stay

Hattonchâtel Château is a spectacular international castle for wedding celebrations where the brides & grooms are coming from all over Europe and they all have this in commend that they would love to get married at this hideaway castle, romantic weekends for 2, and a once-in-a-lifetime holiday location if you wish something special. Go to the website and you will see the place and location you have been dreaming of your entire life – a place where dreams come true.

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