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Romantic Weekend breaks for two.

If you’re planning an exciting weekend break
or a mini Castle break to France, look no further.

Romantic weekend Trips with the stunning
French countryside at Château d’Hattonchâtel.

France is not just for Easter breaks or for birthdays
but should be enjoyed to the maximum all year round.


·    Afternoon tea or coffee served with a selection of gateaux
.    Aperitif or champagne
·    Four Course Gourmet menu at the restaurant  “Lac de Madine”
·    Freshly brewed Coffee with mints, cognac or liquor
·    Stay overnight in the charming Tower room looking out over the valley.

·    Hattonchâtel Château`s delicious morning breakfast
·    Afternoon tea or coffee with a selection of gateaux.
.    Aperitif or champagne
·    The Château’s superb 4 Course meal
·    Overnight stay in the charming Tower room looking out over the valley

·    Hattonchâtel Château`s delicious morning breakfast

luxury Castle weekend breaks to France 2011

Price per person in a Tower room (Double Bedroom) from 375 €
Price per person in a luxury Suite (Double Bedroom) from 495 €

Take a luxury weekend break in France and enjoy the French food – the French cuisine when it is at its best. A peaceful strolls along the picturesque French Castle, the beautiful French countryside and stunning classic castle accommodation where each elegante and classic suite have a huge en-suite bathroom. A romantic and exciting weekend break for two or Spring breaks for two at the authentic and private castle is a weekend to remember!

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My wedding dreams came true – getting married in Denmark

Ever since I was a young girl, I wondered how my wedding would be. When I was older I found my handsome boyfriend and I knew, this was the prince that I wanted to marry. As a child I had planned my wedding over and over again, in order to get it be perfect! But now in my thirties and thinking back, the dream of the perfect wedding looked quite different through the mind and eyes of a twelve-year-old!

From child to adult, how the simplicity of things change and the importance of everything and everyone you have to consider. The church ceremony, the wedding party, guest lists and invitations, menus and venues and most of all keeping my fiancée, two sets of parents and everyone else happy and trying to proceed and comply with what they all see as our perfect day! Yes, my perception when I was a young girl had no real details!

Early thirties, the time for me to walk up the aisle with my father grew closer and I knew as I took that walk down the aisle I would have my eyes fixed straight ahead looking towards my husband to be.

Having long finished our education and regarding ourselves to be in the mature age bracket, we decided that as both of us had secure jobs with good income we would pay for our fairytale wedding ourselves. Our wedding plans would now start to be created, countless decisions would have to be made and we opted not to have as what we thought was the “traditional wedding breakfast.”

It was going to be our day, but it was quite apparent that it was so much more than just the two of us! There were so many things to be taken into consideration when we began planning our wedding than we initially had not anticipated.

Planning our wedding

First of all I had to find a venue and a function room. It can be difficult to move forward with any ideas or wedding theme if the setting is not right. Once we had seen the venue and its surroundings, my childhood memories flooded back and I could see how it was all going to come together. You automatically know when something is right.

We had contemplated getting married in the local church and in the local Parish Community Centre, we also had thought about our wedding breakfast in a banquet room. Location, location, that was hard. The idea of an Inn or an Hotel with accommodation options for our wedding guests. Accommodation – yes now that thought had opened avenues for completely new possibilities! We knew we wanted a romantic wedding, but what should we do and where could we go? In a mansion, A country Manor House or an old castle from the Middle Ages? So many opportunities to get to our goal and our personalized wedding, so as you can see, I had to find the place where our wedding would be held before I could start planning any other of our wedding details!

I had never planned a celebration before and certainly not a wedding! I had only ever been an attendee! I had read many wedding guides, but it was only a theoretical guide – and to be honest, things are very different when put into practice. A good friend of mine said  “it’s your big day, your wedding day, don’t worry and stress yourself because whatever happens the wedding will go on anyway! Give your stress away and get yourself a professional wedding planner. How right she was! So that’s what I did, oh was I lucky!!

I began my wedding plans with the help of my wedding planner who was on-site so she obviously knew what she was talking about and what could and could not be don’t at the venue. Her professional guidance and valuable advice was second to none throughout my wedding and also she acted as a sort of toastmaster for the whole wedding. Everything went like clockwork – every time I did something with her help and advise it was like killing two birds with one stone.

Wedding destination with exclusivity

We had invited a total of 38 guests to our wedding they all arrived the day before the wedding. We had the whole place all to ourselves. It was so nice to know that our wedding party had exclusivity at the estate and would not have to be concerned about interruptions or intrusions from any other function that maybe being held. It was exiting to see our guests arriving, smiling and happy and having time to settle into the beautiful surroundings and relax.

After a light dinner we enjoyed ourselves exploring the impressive wine cellar and wine tasting room with its cozy lounge and open fireplace. We told stories, laughed, tested and drank an abundance of fine wines. Later we went to the lounge and relaxed by the open crackling fire, here we had coffee and liqueurs.

On the morning of my wedding, the guests milled leisurely around the beautiful gardens sipping champagne.

The ceremony was cozy and traditional and took place in the local chapel. The chapel was conveniently situated next door to the estate, just a few minutes walk away. It was a small intimate wedding and guests could clearly hear what had been said during the ceremony. After the ceremony our guests threw their confetti and rice before we returned to the estate. From the chapel we took the path which lead us to the sweetest bridge and so crossing the moat which lead us back into the grounds of the estate. It was so wildly romantic and I felt as though I was gliding on air and not walking at all.

The grand banquet room was decorated and adorned to all of our wishes. At the entrance were large bouquets of red roses one on each side and through the center ran the largest rich red carpet I have ever seen it must have been 20 meters in length! Having a relatively small number of guests to me was an advantage as when our food was served, there was no waiting and all the dishes were piping hot! It can often be a big problem at a wedding or other kind of celebration.

On Sunday we had arranged to have brunch at Skrøbelev Gods, afterwards we thanked our guests and bid them farewell.

Memories are made of this – wedding adventures

So finally I became the princess in my own fairytale wedding at Skrøbelev Gods. I was a very happy bride. I remember coming out of Skrøbelev church in my beautiful wedding dress, with my handsome new husband followed by my beautiful bridesmaids. My first tears as a new bride were when my mother-in-law hugged me and said “my son is so in love with you, you make us so proud, congratulations my dear, you are the prettiest bride in the world”.

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During this summer, Danish TV2 filmed “The celebrities at the Castle 2010” at Hattonchâtel Château in France. There were five Danish television-stars who stayed at this magnificent castle in the north of France: handball coach Anja Andersen, Actor Kim Bodnia, TV presenter Cristiane Schaumburg-Müller, music producer Remee from Hollywood and TV presenter Hans Pilgaard. Next time it could be English stars or American celebrities turn to perform at the private Castle – we will have to wait and see.

A unique Château with an amazing ambiance

The television program  started with showing the stars arriving at the  château – filming their start of their fairytale week as they walked through the enormous wooden castle gate. The doors closed behind them; they left their lives behind and entered the calm and unique world of the historic castle.
As they were escorted to their rooms, they walked up the grand stone spiral staircase that brought them to the second floor where they stayed in their magnificent suites with modern en-suite bathrooms.  Each Celebrity had their own specially decorated suite with beautiful flower arrangements.

The beautiful settings in France

After settling in and a good night sleep it was time for breakfast. It was not just any breakfast; they woke up to the smell of freshly baked bread from the local bakery.
When they went to the “lady’s room” for breakfast, there was a table with a basket of different kinds of breads, cheeses, and cold meats.
It was the start of their official day as “The Celebrities at the Castle”. As they started their activities, the TV2 crew filmed. The crew filmed from breakfast until bedtime during the week they spent in Hattonchâtel Château.
The Celebrities took walks around the massive garden inside the stone walls that were rebuilt by Belle Skinner just after WW I in 1919.  These celebrities could not get enough of the fairytale like castle that manages to isolate the outside world to give them a luxurious week of appetizing food and relaxation; even though, they were working, this place still managed to relax them.
At the end of the week, the celebrities were not ready to leave their spectacularly decorated suites, the savoury food, and most of all they could not bear to leave behind the breathtaking castle with the stunning views and its beautiful garden.

The series “The Celebrities at the Castle” will be shown on Danish’s TV2 in October 2010 over a period of five weeks. If you cannot watch the show, then come and make your own memories at this elegant castle in the north of France.

A romantic Castle stay

Hattonchâtel Château is a spectacular international castle for wedding celebrations where the brides & grooms are coming from all over Europe and they all have this in commend that they would love to get married at this hideaway castle, romantic weekends for 2, and a once-in-a-lifetime holiday location if you wish something special. Go to the website and you will see the place and location you have been dreaming of your entire life – a place where dreams come true.

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