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Valentines Day – Legend, Myth or Truth

In England and France during the Middle Ages it was commonly believed to be the beginning of birds’ mating season on February 14th thus, the idea was borne that this should be the selected date whereby one could express love and romance to their partner. Although a further theory is that, dating back to the Roman era and the ancient fertility festival, known as the Feast of Lupercalia, also gave birth to this idea. The festival took place at the beginning of spring and was held to honor the Roman God of fertility. However, the most common belief of the legend for the Valentines celebration derives from a legendary priest. He was the Patron Saint of this legend and during the third century in Rome he performed secret marriages for young couples. Marriage was at this time outlawed by the Emperor who wanted to make all men into better soldiers. The priest was seized by this cruel and unforgiving Emperor, Claudius II, and was sentenced to death. Thus St. Valentine became immortal in the hearts of all young lovers and 14th February became the day to pay tribute to this great sacrifice of Saint Valentine.

Valentines Day – a day of celebration

For centuries this celebrated date has now become a unique day dedicated to the unconditional love between two mortals. The whole day is dedicated to those whom have had their hearts pierced by cupids arrow and express and indulge their undying love and affection from the most simplest form to the most extravagant lavish gifts. The need to shower ones partner with love on this day and fulfil the experience of demonstrating the extent of feeling is done with the sending of cards, gifts of love and especially red roses. It is a day of togetherness. A day of devoting time your loved one, candlelit dinners and unbroken dreamy gazes into each other eyes with romantic words of endearment spoken softly. This day seems to open floodgates as the ideal opportunity to express unspoken thoughts and often to proposals of marriage.

Romantic Weekend Breaks

Did you know that Valentines Day is the second most celebrated day, Christmas being the first. It is a day that is celebrated throughout the globe. A gift on Valentines Day is pure demonstration of ones affection. It is recorded back to the seventeenth century where hand written love notes were exchanged. This was replaced in the eighteenth century by simple greeting cards being exchanged.

In the present day Valentines Day is marked for dating and extensive gift giving customs. The size of the card, gift or the act undertaken to demonstrate the amount of ones affection to their partner has become limitless! The whole environment wears a festive look literally! Shops and stores are filled with varieties of clothing and underwear adorned with hearts and cuties, all in a rich red colour.

The most traditional and popular way to demonstrate your love and affection is to send a single red rose. More often than not a poem is included as a note and there will be no name attached as the recipient should know from whom it has been sent, not always the case but this then enters into the fun element of the day.

proposals of marriage

Valentines Day is also the most popular day when proposals of marriage are made. Again here strikes the element of not only surprise but also romantic destinations are highly sought and are very much in demand, such as authentic Chateaus in France, Grand Manor Houses in Denmark or guaranteed warm climates at this time of the year such as Tenerife. Many couples which may have been parted find themselves uniting on this day, the distance one may have to travel to be with ones loved one is irrelevant.

It is the perfect date choice not only to demonstrate the depth of your love to your cherished one, and to then ask to spend the rest of your lives together.

Recently, it is also becoming a frequent fashion to begin demonstrating ones love a few days prior to Valentines Day, this is a fairly new idea and appears to be more in line with those intending to pop the question! It begins with perhaps a box of chocolates a day or so before. This would be followed by a bouquet and a love note, all leading to that one big surprise of a trip away to a Romantic Venue and the end gift being a red envelope enclosing details of that romantic venue for two.


“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.


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Having your wedding in a Hotel is a great choice. Wedding receptions create wonderful memories that you and your guests will remember forever. Hotels provide full service and are ready to accommodate to your every wish and whim. A Hotel wedding reception is an excellent provision and great venue for those out of town guests too. A Hotel venue will open to a world of pure indulgence and total relaxation, one for those who appreciate the finer qualities in life. Make Sure you enquire, how many and what type of other functions maybe being held on the date you have selected, if you don’t ask I doubt the hotel would tell you, perhaps the local rugby teams end of season dinner, children’s birthday party, pensioners get together, personally I have no objections, however you may, Just Ask!!


Choosing a marquee as your wedding venue is the opening to your own flexibility of size, features and design. A marquee enables you to “stamp” your own individuality on what is possibly the most personal day of you life. A venue where you get to paint your own desired picture as you are not dominated by a fixed venues fittings, colour schemes, schedules or menus. When one finds comfort at home, a marquee seems to be the obvious wedding venue right in your own garden. The marquee is an easy transitional structure from daytime elegance to one of an evening haven retreat. Beware! On the downside of Marquees, no one can guarantee the weather, you may have been lucky enough to have been able to view an erected marquee and I am sure every assurance relating to agility and strength will have been given, what happens should the unthinkable heavens open and gale force winds begin to blow. One certainly hopes not. How many hours and at what cost will it be to repair after 100 pairs of size nines have stomped through your years of precious gardening and landscaping. Think carefully about toilet issues!


The exclusive venue hits the nail on the head. This is the venue of venues! Your choice is one of uninterrupted bliss and attention to detail which no other venue can offer. This venue aims at those looking for an unlimited duration of intimate escapism. An unwarranted sense of selfish fulfilment with a unique opportunity to share the day only with ones guests. Consider venues such as a castle abroad or private resort in the sun that will provide lavish locations and will be accustomed to providing solely for the needs of their guests at hand.

Self Catering

A self catering venue is really only relative to small weddings. Outside caterers and waiting staff may well need to be sourced. Venues such as a B&B, local public houses or halls may be of interest allowing you to arrange a less informal celebration. However, this could mean that you have all the locals being present so your wedding day may well turn into open day! I can’t envisage that this would be neither stress free nor cost effective unless perhaps your thoughts include all your guests contributing and bringing a little bit of something with them for your wedding reception. That may well work.

Unusual Venues

Outside of the “approved” venues, church or registry office, there is an apparent growth in civil wedding venues taking place in somewhat strikingly unusual places, often changing contemporary traditions to those of extreme themes, ranging from mountain top to under the deep blue sea! WAIT! Do you think ahead or live for the moment? Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience, will your choice be something you wont want to share later with the grandchildren, one where you are too embarrassed to get out the photo album??


A restaurant venue is a good way to please your guests with a selection of your already tried and tested menu choices probably descending from your own past experiences. The choice of a restaurant will provide an atmospheric venue however, although culinary choices can be made, the palate of colours and interior design are already staged. It is worthwhile remembering, that during your previous visits to the restaurant, you were not part of a large group and for this reason one hopes that the restaurateur can maintain the service and quality to which you have been accustomed.  The obvious question to the host is, whether or not you have the restaurant venue exclusively as the intrusion of paying guests might somewhat upset your day.

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Weddings in Paradise

Weddings in Paradise

Wedding venues

Living in this age of super technology, we all spend hours surfing the web. Whether its things we need or want, out of interest, browsing at things we can’t afford or things we believe we can only dream about.

It’s a twenty four seven compulsion that anyone with a computer has access to and this has to be the most used product in the World!

I have spent months looking at wedding venues, wedding menus, wedding cars, limousines, horse and carriage, bouquets and flowers, not to mention the wedding ceremony itself and the formal attire for the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and page boy.

Anyone sourcing this information, will, I am assure, be of the same opinion, it’s very “WEDDING TIME” time consuming!

Wedding locations in Europe

With the aid of my PC, I have been around the World in 80 hours! travelled through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I have also surfed in Thailand, America, Italy, France, Cyprus, Denmark,  Greece, Spain and the Caribbean. You name it, I’ve been there! Close to home, wedding venues on my doorstep and far, far away places with fairy tale castles, exotic surroundings and white sandy beaches with crystal clear seas.

How to get married in Tenerife, Spain

I don’t know the how’s, why’s or wherefores, but these clever computer technos had me hooked and linked into the hotel Ritz Resorts no matter what I seemed to be searching for within their engines, they had it all, kept popping up all over the place! Good for me, I did make an all important decision and chose my destination. A place not so far away. One that coincides with my own personal wish list and fulfils every quality for that all important special day, My wedding.

Guys…..I´m off to Tenerife

Living the Dream.....

Living the Dream.....


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